Vita Fighters major update released; Steam launch scheduled

Vita Fighters, an epic mobile 2D fighting game with a mixed cast of fighters based on anime, pop culture, and classic fighting games is back in bringing a whole fun experience with the release of its major update of 6 new characters and 5 new stages.

“I’m glad to know that players are having fun and we will continue on adding more features while maintaining the simplicity of the game,” said developer AngryDevs. “It’s good to note that we’re reading player feedbacks and we’re also working on bringing online play,” he added. Angrydevs shared as well the gist of the story behind the game.

Vita Fighters now has a total of 29 fighters with the addition of the following characters:

  • King, a retired pirate hired to find The Beast
  • Hyde, an Olympic gold medalist
  • Sheng Long, booted out from a game because of a mistranslation
  • Sleve, a baseball player from the future
  • Kenjiro, resurrected assassin by certain magic balls
  • Anderson, (classified)

So, what is Vita Fighters?

Not all fighting game characters get to the final roster of their respective game, hundreds of them are cut and sent to the chopping board never to be seen or talked about again. Enter Vita Fighters, the fighting game tournament with the prestigious prize of getting into a real AAA fighting game.

Vita Fighters mobile is now available on both App Store and Google Play for mobile, and the game will come to PC in the year 2022 and can be wishlisted on Steam.

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