Warhammer 40k Boltgun Chapter 1 Mission 2 Secrets

Warhammer 40k Boltgun Chapter 1-2 Secrets featured

This guide will teach you where you can find all the secrets in Chapter 1 Mission 2 of Warhammer 40k Boltgun. Just follow the instructions and use the pictures for reference to find out where they are.

Boltgun Chapter 1 Mission 2 Secrets

Full Contempt

Chapter 1-2 Secrets Full Contempt

After defeating the first Chaos Space Marines you encounter in the level, drop down into another area where you’ll see a gate in front of you to the right. Interact with the panel to open the gate and dispatch the enemies inside. This secret is sitting at the edge.

Munitions Boon

From where you defeated the first Chaos Space Marines, continue down left, opposite of where the gate you can find Full Contempt. You’ll descend into an open area after going through some pipes sticking up from the ground.

Chapter 1-2 Secrets Munitions Boon

Instead of going to the cannons on the right, head up the path to the left where you’ll fight some Autogun Cultists and a Chaos Space Marine. From this area, you’ll see a metal structure to your right, jump on top of the rocks, and platform to the metal structure where you’ll find this secret.

Machine Spirit

Chapter 1-2 Secrets Machine Spirit

From the area with the cannons, there is a tower nearby where you’ll find health and contempt pickups. On the second floor of that tower, you’ll find this secret.

Vortex Grenade

Chapter 1-2 Secrets Vortex Grenade

From the same room as the Machine Spirit, there is a secret wall that you can interact with to open. This secret is right behind that wall. Look for the one that doesn’t quite match the painting.

Aura of Doom

Chapter 1-2 Secrets Aura of Doom

In the area with the two large cannons proceed past the walkway in the same direction as the cannons’ barrels and there is a building there where you’ll find this secret. There are Chaos Space Marines guarding it.

Kraken Boltgun Magazine

Chapter 1-2 Secrets cave

Continue past the level until you reach an area with a single cannon by the side of a cliff leading you to a cave. Enter the cave and continue until you reach an area where you have to jump to reach the upper levels that has some green moss on the rock walls.

Chapter 1-2 Secrets Kraken Boltgun Magazine

There is a single platform on the center you can jump to that has this secret.

That’s all the Warhammer 40k Boltgun Chapter 1 Mission 2 Secrets and how to get them.