Warhammer 40K Darktide to Receive its Biggest Update 2 Week After Launch

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In a recently released community update, developer Fatshark announced that Warhammer 40K Darktide will be getting a significant update during its second week of release. The upcoming changes will address some issues the player base is currently dealing with. No word yet if the connection issues will be addressed.

Warhammer 40K Darktide December 14 2022 Update Announced

The most notable part of the announcement is the crafting system will have the “Refine Item” functionality which was sorely missed during the launch of the game. This option will allow players to replace One Perk on a weapon or curio. According to the developer, the same Perk slot can be replaced multiple times, but will not allow the replacement of other perks on the same item.

And after fierce backlash over how the cash shop was undermined via predatory business practices, developer Fatshark has acknowledged the community’s pleas and will be making adjustments to how Aquilas are packaged. They are going to add a 2,400 park to the store, which will go live next. This will give players enough money to buy a cosmetic set without relying on more expensive options disguised as bundles.

In the coming weeks, they will also be adding a 100 Aquilas pack option so that players can have more control over what they buy.

Another concern for players has been addressed by the developer when it comes to weapons. Or more specifically, the absence of some highly anticipated Ogryn weapons that missed the launch window. Fatshark will be adding the following weapons and promises to release more in the near future.

  • Indignatus Mk IVe Crusher
  • Achylys Mk I Power Maul

Private matches, a feature that’s common in all “Tide” games is set to go live next week as well. The reason it is being implemented now is to prevent groups of 2 players from suddenly going into a mission already in progress.

Fatshark is also working on implementing solo mode into the game. And while it is possible to activate it right now, in its current state, it doesn’t live up to their expectations. The current design is meant with a team of players in mind. From experience, playing with the bots can get frustrating at times. They are not meant to replace human teammates.

The final part of the announcement covers progression siloing, shared ordo dockets, and changes to Penances. Essentially, players are having a hard time keeping track of everything across multiple characters. This is understandable. The weekly contracts alone are punishing enough to do for one character. And players are known to have 2 or more of them by now. This will take some time. As for penances, it seems that they are going to be working on the wording of some of them to make them less confusing to players.

The changes listed above are set to go live on December 14, 2022. And we will cover that update as well to see what has gone through since the announcement.

Warhammer 400000 Darktide is out now on Xbox Series X and PC.

Check out this teaser for the next part of the Darktide story from developer Fatshark.

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