Watch Dogs 2’s Seamless Multiplayer may be Fixed Within 12 Hours From Now

Watch Dogs 2 has just launched last November 15, but it was plagued with performance issues due to the seamless multiplayer online mode being active. Ubisoft has disabled the feature for the meantime to avoid any performance hit to the players going through the campaign. Even if the feature is off, you can still play co-op missions with your friends, but Hack Invasion and Bounty Hunt modes are off until Ubisoft sorts out the issues with Seamless Multiplayer.

Patch 1.04 went live on the weekend but it didn’t address issues that’s causing overall performance lags with Seamless Multiplayer turned on. It only fixed some bugs and general performance enchancement of Watch Dogs 2.

With our review of Watch Dogs 2 still tagged as “review-in-progress”, we can’t put a score on the game yet while the feature is still disabled. However, Watch Dogs 2‘s different take on the story alongside with a wide range of new hacking abilities and great supporting characters, makes it a great grab — that until the minor bugs and issues with the seamless multiplayer are fixed.

I sent an email earlier to our contact from Ubisoft in Asia for an update about the fix for Seamless Multiplayer, and he has said that:

“Very soon, within 12 hours but expect to progressively to update the patch for PS4 console users.”

We will pretty much likely expect a final patch to fix the issues with the multiplayer mode. There’s no official announcement yet from Ubisoft, but hopefully the patch will be out within 12 hours.

This post will be updated once we get any official updates from Ubisoft.

[UPDATE 11/23/2016 3:38PM GMT8+]

Ubisoft has confirmed that the Seamless Multiplayer is now going to be turned on for Xbox One, and PS4 will follow after:

Update: Phase 1 of Seamless Multiplayer for Xbox One has now been activated with the approval of Title Update 1.05, now available for download. To make sure you have the patch, you may need to restart your console. We will continue to monitor online performance on both platforms before rolling out the remaining online features. We will give an update in the next 24-48 hours.

We’re happy to share the good news that we brought the first phase of seamless multiplayer online at 8:00 a.m. PST / 11:00 a.m. EST / 5 p.m. CET for Playstation 4 and we anticipate that seamless multiplayer for Xbox One will be activated by early afternoon PST / evening EST / night CET.

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