Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead Title Update 1.1 Fixes Electrofist Issue and More

Game company Ubisoft has released the first update for game mode Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead PC Alpha today.

Ubisoft has released title update 1.1 on PC today. Players will need to download this before they can play Legion of the Dead Alpha on PC. To remind everyone, the Alpha version is currently available on PC via Ubisoft Connect. It will also receive more updates later on. For the Epic Games version, the development team is currently working on how to make this mode available for them since for some reason they could not access it.

watch dogs legion

Here’s the full patch notes:

  • Fixed an issue for Electrofist sometimes not working
  • General stability improvements
  • No randomization on path changes, avoiding players to find the same path multiple times
  • Change to text at the end of a match, clarifying that players are “Going back to the lobby”
  • Fixed several issues for lobbies not correctly loading, e.g. sometimes players were spawning away from their group
  • Power-up crates can be seen from a bit further away, making discovery a little easier
  • Spiderbot gadget duration increased
  • Driveable cars now spawn with their lights on, which will make them more visible
  • Fixed an issue that would cause unusable power-up crates to be highlighted
  • New tooltips in the loading screen, more hints, tips
  • Fixed an issue where reaching the extraction point with 8 packages sometimes wouldn’t allow players to end the run
  • Improvements to the bandwidth usage – backend not player facing
  • Previously locked doors will now be open, allowing more and easier exploration
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some zombies to be floating
  • Spawn points for cars are now random
  • Slight improvements to zombies teleporting over short ranges to grab on to players
  • Changes to movement sounds: Jogging and sprinting are now at the same level of noise and will easily be heard by enemies, walking and crouching will now make less noise and it’s less likely to cause enemies to hear you.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause zombie animations to sometimes pop or not cycle correctly
  • Zombies will now spill blood when shot anywhere on their body
  • Reduced Z-Creds gained from 2x supplies collected to 1.5x supplies collected when successfully finishing an extraction#

Developer commentWe are reducing the reward for successfully completing a round as we’re seeing several situations where players can chain Tier-3 gadget runs one after the other. This does not affect runs that end in non-extractions, so players who struggle to finish a round will not be impacted and should get to stronger gadgets at the same time.

  • We’ve increased the amount of time the public matchmaking system searches before creating a new session. This results in higher probability of joining a lobby that already has players in it and ready to play.

Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead is currently on its Alpha stage on PC. The game is also available on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Official Forums