We Happy Few: They Came From Below DLC – Review

When We Happy Few was released last August 2018, we took a sinister trip down Wellington Wells, a quaint town of two factions, ‘Joy’ and ‘Wastrels’. We Happy Few upon launch had mixed reviews because it was riddled with bugs, clunky controls, and inconsistent mechanics. We reviewed the base game, and our reviewer Enricko Ozoa thought that the game could have been something more if not for the gameplay issues that he encountered.  Now that we’ve finally got our hands on Compulsion Games’ first DLC for We Happy Few, Roger & James in They Came From Below, we can’t wait to see the goofy pair search for Dr. Faraday, as Wellington Wells is overtaken by murderous robots.

Roger and James in They Came From Below is part of the Season Pass. It’s the first among many DLCs that Compulsion Games promised. Unlike the base game, this DLC offers a lot of new mechanics, there’s plenty here to like and enjoy – even if it’s a bit short. With the addition of the free content, and a surge of new modes added to the game, the game’s future is definitely looking a bit more cheerful.

The free update adds an Arcade Mode. This consists of three different modes – Survival, The Night’s Watch, and Sandbox – each with their own quirks and new ways to experience the base content.

They Came From Below reunites us with Roger Bacon and James Maxwell. Then the plot is still as good and compelling just like in the base game. But for those who haven’t played the base game yet, good thing is, you don’t need to have progressed in the base game to play. You can access the episode from the Main Menu by selecting DLC. There’s also a thick romantic subplot if your musings aren’t easily disrupted by unforgiving difficulty levels.

While traveling to an underground lair to investigate the source of a mechanical infestation, the game introduces new weapons to even the odds. There’s a ray gun of some sort and a device that can slow down time, allowing for easy dispersal of enemies. You can also have a spark rod to beat back robots and a pulse grenade to blow up hordes in one blast. Puzzle solving is also well emphasized in this DLC. These two things top my belief that I had more fun in this DLC than the base game.

Overall, this DLC is a decent comeback and it makes me look forward to what’s coming next.

We Happy Few: They Came From Below DLC – Review
Score Definition
We tell you, it’s a good game! It’s not average! It might have some problems here and there, but you have to admit it is a “Good” game.
Great weapons and new mechanics
Character development and plot twists
Interesting puzzles
Unforgiving difficulty
Monotonous and repetitive gameplay