Western Digital Officially Launches Xbox Series X/S Storage Expansion Cards

The third brand for storage expansion cards are now available for purchase!

Western Digital has officially announced its new Xbox Series X/S storage expansion cards.

It was rumored before that Western Digital would launch its own line of Xbox Series X/S storage expansion cards. After a few months, Western Digital confirmed these rumors but did not reveal the release date yet. Today, these new storage cards have now been launched.

Western Digital Xbox Series X/S Storage Cards Launched

The 500GB version of the Xbox Series X/S storage card by Western Digital is priced at $79.99. The 1TB Xbox Series X/S storage expansion card costs $149.99. Both will have one month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, which is a great deal for Xbox console owners who are planning to upgrade their storage.

New Storage Expansion Card Alternative

This will now be a new alternative for Xbox owners to Seagate’s memory cards which were a bit expensive compared to these new cards. Previously, only Seagate’s and Microsoft’s storage expansion cards had these options, so console owners were forced to buy from them if they wanted to expand.

Why Invest in Storage Expansion Cards?

Xbox Series console owners would want to expand with these storage expansion cards because it is the only way to play Xbox Series X/S games. An external USB drive will only run Xbox One and backward-compatible Xbox 360 and Xbox games. External USB drives have slower read/write speeds and only SSDs can be compatible, which is inside these exclusive storage expansion cards.

More Brands in the Future?

Will other brands follow suit in the near future? It would depend if consumers bought more Western Digital storage cards for the Xbox consoles. This would notify other companies that Xbox players would want other brands to buy storage cards and they would jump on that hype.