What Else Can You Think of Rabbits?

Our friends from IND13.com had kindly shared us one of their updates!

If you feel this way, then multi-player brawler Guardians Of The Forest could be the game for you, alternatively you should perhaps see a doctor.Ratalaika Games SL has just launched  flagship title: Guardians of the Forest. The team have a free demo available for Windows/Mac/Linux, and they are trying to raise a meager $3,500 on Kickstarter!

From the official press release Grab bunnies. Slay bears. JUMP ON RACOONS! Wildlife combat is done right in Guardians of the Forest, a multiplayer brawler set in the mystical woods. Grab your friends, pick a cute animal character, and dive into the arena to demolish your opponents!

Guardians of the Forest is a multiplayer brawler featuring adorable animals and violent deaths. Choose from a diverse array of characters and weapons, develop your strategies, and duke it out with your friends on 40 different battlegrounds! Featuring over 15 different game modes and a ton of customization, Guardians of the Forest makes for a truly diverse brawling experience.

Wreck Your Friends (Or the AIs!)
Guardians of the Forest features single-player and local multiplayer modes. Grab some buddies and do battle in the arena! Be warned though–after you demolish them they may no longer be your buddies. We are working to implement online multiplayer (If possible, cross-platform!) so you can play with your friends (or with random people) across the globe.

Online Rankings
Show off your track record of gruesome kills (and gruesome deaths, too!) in the online leaderboards. Share and compare statistics and records. Compete with your friends and stroke your ego!

40 Unique Battlegrounds
40 stages?! 40 stages. Combat arena games with few stages are just plain dull. When you’ve got 40 different battlegrounds to brutally slay bunny rabbits in, that’s when the fun (or a PETA warning) begins.

15+ Game Modes
Violent death on its own just isn’t enough. That’s why Guardians of the Forest has many different ways for you to ruin friendships and rack up kill-counts! Customize the games as you wish and enjoy the battle on your own terms.

Level Editor
If 40 different battlegrounds isn’t enough for you, you can dive into the level editor and create an arena that suits you. Make it scary. Make it cute. Make an exact replica of a zoo and wage all-out war among the animals!!! Get creative.

Customizable Characters
Sure, bunnies are great. But so are foxes. And wolves. And deer. Don’t worry about being spoiled for choice. You can customize your characters to suit your needs! Find the animal that you most identify with (or the one that looks most like you) and lead them to victory!

Child-Friendly, Too!
Sure, Guardians of the Forest is violent and gory and bloody and gruesome. But there is a solution! We provide you with the ability to turn off blood and gore so that even the youngest of children can giggle as they watch bunnies whacking the life out of each other with pure, seething, unadulterated hatred in their eyes.