Wild Hearts Devs Promises to Make Improvements on Performance After Feedback

Devs also share plans after launch.

Omega Force has now promised to make a lot of improvements to performance issues after various players reported them during the early access of Wild Hearts.

The upcoming video game Wild Hearts is EA and Omega Force’s own version of CAPCOM’s most popular online multiplayer game Monster Hunter with a setting on land similar to feudal Japan. It has its own twist that mankind is being hunted down by monsters that seem to be a combination of animals and plants and in large size.

EA Play subscribers had the chance to play the game early for its first ten hours starting yesterday. After a while, several reports were posted online saying that the game has a very disappointing performance and has some visual issues, especially on the PC platform.

Some players have reported that the performance is underwhelming even if their PC setups are above the recommended specifications. Others complained about the persistent stutter regardless of settings and resolution. Our resident reviewer has reported that the game has the occasional texture pop-in.

On the official subreddit of Wild Hearts, the Omega Force team has now vowed to make a lot of improvements and is continuously making progress. There is a new patch coming next week that will address the CPU bottleneck problem, which will improve performance across mid-high-end CPUs. They are also working on DLSS and FSR support which will be included in a future patch.

Aside from the upcoming patch, Omega Force has also announced its future content to release after the official launch of the game. According to the post on the official website, by March 2023, three new pieces of content will come to the game and more after that. Check out their plans below:

  • New Kemono: Hellfire Laharback. This Deeply Volatile simian beast comes with a new quest and Talisman.
  • New Kemono: Grimstalker. This new wolf-type Kemono—kin to the fearsome Deathstalker—is accompanied by a new quest and new Grimstalker-themed weapon and armor types.
  • New Content: This update also brings new high-difficulty quests, a new emote, and a new chat stamp.
wild hearts

Wild Hearts officially launches on February 17, 2023 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.