New 5 Minutes Wild Hearts Gameplay Video Released Ahead of Release

The Golden Tempest tears down its enemies with swift winds.

EA and Koei Tecmo have recently released a new five minutes Wild Hearts gameplay video a month before the game gets released.

Wild Hearts Gameplay Video Stars the Golden Tempest

The new Wild Hearts gameplay video focused on the Kemono beasts called the Aragane or the Golden Tempest. According to the description of the five-minute clip, the Kemono are the embodiment of the power of nature. These beasts control the power of nature like lightning, storms, quakes, and other natural disasters that can destroy things.

The video features the Golden Tempest and based on its name, it harnesses the power of violent winds. It is lightning-fast and has some sonic-wind projectile attacks to look out for. It also looks like a tiger but is large in size and has some weird whiskers. Players are advised to take caution when attacking and must plan ahead.

Suggested Plan of Attack

The plan of attack looks to be simple but must be done accordingly. When it rampages, it fires various sonic-wind projectiles that can eat away health points easily. It would be best to fire projectiles of your own first when a window of opportunity comes as it rests for a while. Erect mechanical walls to shield yourselves from incoming projectiles and heal when necessary. Players can get near the Golden Tempest via aerial transport and drop down to hit it with short melee combos. When it rages, run away and repeat.

Wild Hearts launches on February 17, 2023 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. the game is set in a fantasy feudal Japan which is ravaged by nature and beasts called the Kemono destroying various cities and structures. With the help of the Karakuri, mechanisms made from ancient technology can humanity stand against these monsters and win back the lands of Azuma.

Wild Hearts gameplay video golden tempest
The dangerous Golden Tempest