Willing To Attend Your Own Graduation Via Minecraft? Japanese Kids Say Yes

With COVID-19 rampant around the world, individuals are encouraged to quarantine themselves for the time being. This means no going in and out. For school students in Japan, that goes doubly so. So how exactly do these children get to experience the joys of finally graduating from school? Well, Minecraft.

Twitter user Backyennew shared photos and videos of this online. He mentions that his son already plays Minecraft and it’s the go-to place for him and his friends to hang especially after their government closed down schools a few weeks prior.

The children went out their way to design a complete assembly hall just to mimic the feel of graduation day. It can be encouraging to hear that children are finding ways to make up for having to go without school because of the virus. Minecraft has proven to be a substantial substitution for those seeking to make up for certain events they cannot attend because of the pandemic.

Source: GamesRadar