Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Exclusive Boss Battle Gameplay Trailer Showcased

A fight with the creature Aoye!

Team Ninja has recently released a new Wo Long Fallen Dynasty trailer featuring an exclusive boss battle.

The developers have recently dropped a new gameplay trailer featuring gameplay of a boss battle. The creature that got featured is the Aoye, which is one of the first bosses of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. According to the description of the video courtesy of IGN, Aoye is a fictional monster that appears in the ancient Chinese text Shan Hai Jing also known as the Classic of Mountains and Seas.

Aoye is described as a bull-like being with long hair that looks like a straw rain-cape. In the game, it looks like a giant monster with long hair and tentacles that attack enemies relentlessly. In the video, the attacks look slow but they are very heavy and can be fatal to players when they get hit. It also has an attack that would spread ice throughout the battlefield. Players might want to be careful if they meet this creature in a more confined area.

The video shows how difficult Aoye can be subjugated as its attacks are difficult to avoid. With proper timing though, the battle would be a bit easier, but the challenge still remains. Players might want to take care not to get hit by its heavy attacks and ice magic that takes up a lot of space.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty launches on March 3, 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.