Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Launches on PC with Issues

Many players were not happy of their day one experience.

Team Ninja has recently released a statement after some players complained online about Wo Long Fallen Dynasty PC having issues when it launched.

Do not be fooled by the complaints though: Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is the top five best-sellers on Steam and has peaked at 75,906 concurrent players. It is one of Team Ninja’s most popular games on PC. Ironically, it has mostly negative reviews on the platform from players and that is where the complaints come in.

According to players, they have been reporting problems with controls, framerate and resolution. Players who are using keyboard and mouse have revealed that the camera cannot be controlled well, and some complained about the key mapping being non-intuitive. Since it is an action game, players would definitely need their games to run smoothly, but some have complained that it would have severe framerate drops. This would be a huge problem when fighting a boss.

Team Ninja is now currently investigating these issues and is preparing to release a new patch to quickly fix the ones that would break gaming immersion. The patch will also improve the camera operation, which was one of the annoying problems.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.