World of Warcraft: Classic Hardcore Officially Revealed by Blizzard

Hardcore Realms will offer the challenge some fans thirst for.

Blizzard has officially announced that World of Warcraft: Classic Hardcore where every death is permanent.

World of Warcraft: Classic Adds Hardcore Realms

According to Blizzard on the official website, the company has revealed that it will now introduce World of Warcraft: Classic Hardcore realms. All of these reams will have permanent death, which will be a challenge for big fans of the MMO.

Permanent Death

These hardcore realms will be added to the public test realm (PTR) which will start tomorrow, June 29, 2023 and are planned for official release later this summer. Players joining these realms will not be able to run back to their corpses and revive after dying, or be resurrected by a spell. They can still become ghosts, communicate with other players, explore, and do specific actions like passing on guild leadership to living characters, but getting resurrected is a no-go.

PvP Will Be Optional and Intentional

Hardcore realms will all be PvE realms, which lessens the blow. PvP, however, will be optional and intentional only. In order to do that, players can choose the feature called Duel to the Death which will allow them to enter a PvP fight with another player with both of them aware that one of them will not make it out alive.

Quality of Life Changes

There are other changes that will be added for hardcore realms to make players’ gameplay easier. One of those changes includes preventing quest-related NPCs from getting attacked by opposing faction players. Creatures will also have better zones to run back to prevent players from kiting high-level monsters into low-level areas. They might just kill low-level players who are trying to gain experience there.

World of Warcraft: Classic is now available on PC.