World Of Warcraft Base Game And Expansions Purchasable With Subscription Fee

World of Warcraft title

Game company Blizzard Entertainment recently announced that the World of Warcraft Battle Chest can now be purchased as a whole for the price of the subscription fee.

World of Warcraft Battle Chest

To the surprise of all the fans and gamers, the Battle Chest that includes the base game and all of the expansions can now be downloaded for the price of the monthly subscription fee. Players can now download the entirety of the game for the price of $14.99 only without making separate purchases.

The iconic MMORPG just released the pre-patch for its upcoming seventh expansion called Battle for Azeroth. This is to prepare for its full release later this year. The surprise then happened afterwards.

More appealing to other players

The price drop could mean attracting more players to the game since it has become cheaper to purchase. It will become more appealing and making it less of a struggle for new players to get involved. This will also allow returning players a chance to explore the expansions that they have missed out on for so long.

The expansion Battle of Azeroth will be available on Aug. 14 for a price of $49.99 only.

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