World War Z: Aftermath Free Holy Terror Update Released

Battle for Rome is here!

Saber Interactive has recently released the World War Z: Aftermath free Holy Terror update on all available platforms.

World War Z: Aftermath Free Holy Terror Update Highlights

The new Holy Terror update is now available on World War Z: Aftermath, the ultimate co-op zombie shooter from Saber Interactive inspired by Paramount Pictures’ blockbuster 2013 film. It is free to download on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. This patch introduces a ton of new features including the new Rome map for Horde Mode XL, a fourth upgrade path for all classes, new weapons and weapon perks, new challenges, and more.

New Skin Pack Now Available

World War Z: Aftermath – Victory Lap Weapons Skin Pack is now available today for $4.99 featuring stylish new options for the Mini-21 Rifle, S890 Shorty Shotgun, HW416 Assault Carbine, and Repeater X Crossbow.

Rome is Open for Business

Horde Mode XL now introduces the new second map Rome. It includes the Colosseum which features special XL waves that features over 1,000 hungry zombies. Challenge Mode is now available for Horde Mode XL’s previously released Tokyo map.

New Mutators in Horde Mode

New mutators are now available to the standard Horde Mode as well as to daily and weekly challenges and players can now search for teammates for Horde Mode and Horde Mode XL using the quick match system.

Fourth Upgrade Path

Player progression has been enhanced with the new fourth upgrade path for all classes, offering nine new perks for each class. AI party members now have their own different classes and can use special abilities like the Soldier’s Grenades, the Fixer’s Supply Bag, and the Medic’s Stim Pistol.

New Weapons

Two free new weapons called the 1877 SBL Repeating Rifle and the MRL202 Commando Multi-shot Rocket Launcher. There are also new in-game weapon perks and four free new character trinkets.

World War Z: Aftermath is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Press Release