Worth it? – Opening a Bunch of Bright Engrams

Destiny 2 on PC and console is a good game, there is no denying that, but like most big title 2017 games it has its own version of purchasable loot boxes which are called Bright Engrams. Destiny 2’s system in my view is the least nefarious, but it is still scummy by making shaders single use and including mods in the drop pool. That is not the point of this article though as we are here to spend some hard earned money on some loot boxes.

Hypocritical? Maybe.

Sensible? Absolutely not.

I spent 20 USD of my own money for 2,300 total Silver which gives us 14 Bright Engrams to open. Opening an engram is by clicking and in half a minute all the boxes were unboxed and while you do get that little rush opening boxes hoping to score something good, all I got was disappointment in the end and 20 USD less in my wallet. Out of the 14 boxes only one gave an Exotic item, The Bandwagon an Exotic jumpship, and after that it was a mixture of Legendary shaders, sparrows and ghost shells. To add insult to injury, the free Bright Engrams that are given out once you level up gave an Exotic dance. You heard that right, free. FREE.

What could I have gotten with 20 USD?  I could have gone to a buffet. I could have gone watch a movie on a LaZboy. I could have put that to a new game on discount. Funko Pops are 10 USD a pop right? There are a lot of other things that the money would have been better spent on.

Was it worth it?

No and if you decide to spend money on it, just know what you are getting into and set all your expectations to match it. Do not say I did not warn you when regret comes knocking.