Xbox Boss Apologizes for Disappointing Launch of Redfall

Spencer promises that Arkane Studios will be working hard on improving the game.

Xbox Head Phil Spencer has apologized for a very disappointing launch of Redfall and promises that the developers are continuing to work on the game.

This week, Bethesda launched its first major Xbox exclusive with hopes of garnering big numbers in revenue. Unfortunately, the launch came with a lot of issues that hindered them from getting the numbers they needed and soon it quickly flopped with many players complaining online.

Spencer recently spoke with Kinda Funny Games to talk about the upcoming launch of the game. He claimed that Xbox did not expect such a negative reception to the game when it launched. He says that some of the reviews are internal mock reviews that could have been rated higher.

The Xbox boss also said that if the game was further delayed to a later time, the developers would have solved its biggest issues today.

“There’s nothing that’s more difficult for me than disappointing the Xbox community,” Spencer said. “I’ve been a part of it for a long time. I obviously work on Xbox, I’m head of the business, I have a lot of friends and get a lot of feedback, and just to kind of watch the community lose confidence, be disappointed, I’m disappointed, I’m upset with myself.”

Spencer blames himself for launching the game at least worth the money the players used to buy it, which was $70. He knows that they will be responsible for this action-packed experience.

Redfall is out now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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