Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Reveals Thoughts on PS5 Announcement

Spencer was confident of the Xbox Series X has better specs.

New leaked documents and emails have revealed Xbox Chief Phil Spencer’s thoughts on the reveal of the PS5 way back in 2020.

The leaked emails were to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood that got sent “after almost 12 hours of soaking in their unveil, taking apart their specs and looking at the community responses.” His email sounded quite enthusiastic about Microsoft’s new console at that time. He knew that the Xbox Series X would be the most powerful console on the market and the reveal of the specs of the PS5 confirmed that.

“We have a better product than Sony has, not just on hardware but equally important on the software platform and services on top of the hardware,” Spencer wrote. “We have the ingredients of a winning plan. I felt the feedback from the BoD discussion on being too confident  and maybe this will just reinforce that perception, I get the need to be humbly confident but today was a good day for us.

“We haven’t won anything. And I know we have hard discussions about pricing, P&L, investments etc. This mail isn’t trying to scoop any of that, those discussions really matter. But we can take confidence in our product truth here and I do believe any conversation needs to start with believing in that. This was a good day for Xbox.”

And that was three years ago, and unfortunately, the Xbox Series consoles have been struggling in terms of sales and had only a few exclusives. The lower-specced PS5, on the other hand, had huge success in the market. Xbox did officially admit later on that it had lost the console wars.