Xbox Consoles New Options Increases Download Speeds While Game is Suspended

Game company Microsoft has recently added a new feature that will make the download speeds increase on Xbox consoles.

According to the Xbox Engineering Lead Eden Marie on her personal Twitter account, Xbox Insiders will be getting a new feature that will help with the download speeds. They only need to suspend the game via the Xbox download queue screen, which then results to the speed increase of the downloads. It is not out for everyone yet, but it should be released later.

The feature will allow players to suspend the game while making sure that it will be resumable or quick resumeable on the Xbox Series X/S. It will be available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

It is a known fact that the downloads are not at full speed with a game running because Xbox keeps it that way. They need to have that other internet connection for potential online activity. So by quitting or suspending a game, this will then give the full speed to the download.

This will be handy for Xbox console owners who want to download all of their contents while not playing any games at all.