Xbox Energy Saver Mode Saves a Lot of Energy and Money on Bills

Download all of your content and save energy at the same time!

Microsoft recently reminded their Xbox console owners to use the Xbox Energy Saver Mode due to its big benefits.

In the latest blog post made by Microsoft, the game company reminds everyone that there is actually an Energy Saver Mode that actually helps out a lot. This is actually not a new feature and has been around for a year already, but it seems nobody wants to use it and would rather choose the Instant On mode, which kind of uses tons of power.

In Energy Saver Mode, players can download games, content, and system updates while the console is being powered down. This allows them to download all of the content that could take minutes or hours to complete while saving up on energy since the console is using only the minimal power. After a while, when players power the console on, downloads would have been completed and they have saved up tons of power.

In order to instigate this feature for everyone, Microsoft quietly turned the Energy Saver Mode into the default power option. Instant On Mode will now be an option to choose and not the default version.

Aside from the Energy Saver Mode announcement, Microsoft shared other details in regards to Sustainability Efforts. According to them, they are planning to design Xbox products and accessories and all Microsoft product packaging to be 100 percent recyclable.