New Xbox Enforcement System Announced to Decrease Bad Behavior

More strikes, the more severe the punishment.

Microsoft has now announced the new Xbox Enforcement system that aims to decrease bad behavior on the platform.

According to a recent Xbox Wire blog post, Xbox CVP of Player Services Dave McCarthy stated that players will be found violating Xbox’s community standards will receive a strike. This will be on their records for six months before will get removed.

The more strikes and the lengthier the punishment, the more severe the violation will be. If a player will get eight total strikes, their account will be suspended from using Xbox’s social features like online multiplayer and party chat for one whole year. Xbox will not be that hard though as they can still enjoy single-player gaming and no purchased content will be removed.

Xbox will be transparent with its enforcement of suspended players. They will see how many current strikes they have and in addition, they also get to see if they have any active, completed or expired suspensions.

“We are constantly improving our safety measures and bringing more systems and tools in place that empower players to respectfully interact with one another – because everyone deserves a place to comfortably be themselves online, free from harassment and bullying,” McCarthy explained.