Xbox Game Pass Possibly Getting New Family Plan Option

It would be a very convenient option to choose for families and friends.

Xbox Game Pass

A new report claims that Microsoft is possibly adding a new family option or Xbox Game Pass soon.

Media outlet Windows Central claims that the game company is possibly making plans to introduce the Xbox Game Pass Family Plan in the near future. No word yet on the pricing or even the release window of said new feature, but it is sure to be more expensive than the original. It will be convenient for families though.

Basing on subscription services that have family plans like Spotify, families can pay for a certain amount and every family member can enjoy the subscription’s services conveniently. They can even cancel at any time if they feel it will inconvenience them. The best part, there are no additional fees as long as they can pay for the amount only a certain number of accounts can be created. Instead of paying the full price for each individual, family members can just opt to group all of their accounts under one family plan. They might even get discounts due to this.

Nintendo has done this actually with the Nintendo Switch Online plan which allows 8 accounts and the pricing is just over 30 percent more than the individual version. No word yet if it would be possible for different individuals that are not a family to enjoy this kind of plan. We will just have to wait for Microsoft to make the announcement and discuss the specific details.