New Xbox Game Pass Friend Referral Program Limits Invites

Invite friends to try out the service!

Microsoft has recently launched the new Xbox Game Pass Friend Referral Program, but it has a constraint.

The Xbox Game Pass friend referral scheme allows Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass members to offer their friends a free 14-day PC Game Pass trial to try out. Unfortunately, this will only be limited to five friends, so choose wisely.

To find the Friend Referral invitations, go to the Game Pass Home Screen and then click the Give PC Game Pass button. It will be shared online or just click here to invite their friends via

Players who will try out the free trial will be able to get the benefits of PC Game Pass like new titles from Xbox Game Studios on day one, EA Play membership, and PC and mobile games on PC from Riot Games. Just link the Riot Games account and Xbox profile to unlock various content like Agents, champions, and more.

This is just a taste of what Xbox Game Pass has to offer. This actually might boost memberships, even though the invites are limited to a mere few.