Xbox Game Pass Price Rumored to Increase Addressed by Microsoft

Microsoft finally puts an end to the rumors.

Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has now released a new statement to address a new rumor claiming Xbox Game Pass subscription price will be increasing soon.

The upcoming Activision Blizzard deal is still ongoing but many people already feel that there could be some major changes to the company. One of those concerns was about the Xbox Game Pass subscription prices getting increase when the merger happens. Microsoft has finally released a statement to finally calm everyone down.

In an official announcement, Microsoft has confirmed that if the merger is successful, the Xbox Game Pass prices will not go up. Their reason for not increasing prices is to keep the subscription as attractive to more players as possible. Increasing prices will be counter-productive for them. They also think that if the subscription fees stay the same, Call of Duty players are more likely to stay subscribed.

When Microsoft acquired Bethesda, subscription fees did not increase so if this merger happens, Xbox Game Pass prices will still stay the same, rest assured.