Xbox Game Pass Promo Completed Ended by Microsoft

It's suddenly gone from the Microsoft Store, worrying players.

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Microsoft has now completely ended the Xbox Game Pass Promo of $1.

According to XGP, the $1 for 14 days of Xbox Game Pass promo has suddenly disappeared from the Microsoft Store recently. It was supposed to have been reintroduced to the public last month, July 2023.

For a while, Microsoft offered the promo for many months until it ended in March 2023. It said that it was going to evaluate the different marketing promotions for the new members in the future. It then came back last month but with the 14 days offer now instead of a full whole month. This angered the community, but now, as reported, the promo is completely gone.

The withdrawal of the promo just comes before the official launch of Starfield’s early access date on August 31, 2023. The game will be available via Xbox Game Pass, which would have been the best way to promote the game.

Microsoft has not made a statement to clarify the disappearance of the Game Pass offer.