Microsoft Making Changes to Xbox Game Pass and Other Subscriptions

Changes have been made to the renewal of subscription services!

Xbox Game Pass

The authorities of the UK have recently launched a probe that investigated the subscription practices of Microsoft, which has now resulted in the game company making changes to Xbox Game Pass and their other subscription services.

UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has recently investigated Microsoft over its subscription practices, which are Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass. They discovered the automatic subscription renewal services, which was alarming for them since there could be some customers who were paying for an old subscription that was not being used without knowing at all.

Due to the investigation, Microsoft has made it possible to make changes right a way to its subscription service practices. This time around, the company will reach out to their existing paying customers for Xbox Live and Gold memberships and will offer them with an option to cancel their services when they want out and claim a refund. They will now be reminded of their subscriptions if they still want to continue or not and still get a refund if they chose the latter.

Aside from the option of cancelling their subscription services, customers will now be briefed by Microsoft with information that would make them understand the membership they have joined. This will include when subscription services will be renewed, the costs, and the steps to follow to claim a refund if they accidentally renewed them.

Lastly, Microsoft will now reach out to their customers who are still paying for their subscription services, but are not using them. They will now send reminders to the user for cancelling those services and will then stop accepting any payments in the future.

This is a great move by Microsoft, which sets an example for other gaming companies who offer similar services to their users and make changes as well.