Xbox Game Studios Boss Claims Games Now Take a Long Time to Develop

It's not 1-2 years anymore. It will take half a decade at least.

Matt Booty
Microsoft Studios Head Matt Booty

Xbox Game Studios Chief Matt Booty recently stated that gamers should realize that games will take a long time to make.

Booty claims that both gamers and the industry in general need to understand that most triple A titles now need development cycles of around half a decade now. In an interview with Axios, Booty explained that the industry and the fans are “a little behind the curve on sort of a reset to understand that games aren’t two or three years anymore.”

Booty now claims that high-end big-budget games will now take a lot of time to “bake”. It will now need four, five, and six years to develop.

The Xbox Game Studios chief says that fans have higher expectations now compared to the era of the PS3 and Xbox 360. “The level of fidelity that we’re able to deliver just goes up,” says Booty. This in turn would need a lot of time for their teams to develop these titles.

The Xbox Game Showcase last Sunday might have shown some big titles coming like the most anticipated reboot of Fable, it was clear that the game still does not have a release date. Even other titles like The Perfect Dark reboot, The Outer World’s 2, and Machine Games’ Indiana Jones were all missing and the reason was its long development time. They were simply not ready yet to show anything that would satisfy fans. So expect that your anticipated titles will not be announced or even revealed anytime soon.