Xbox Game Studios Team Meets Up with Kojima Productions for Future Project

It's the start of the mystery project.

Xbox Game Studios publishing team has recently visited the studios of Kojima Productions for the first time in order to discuss the future project that they will collaborate together with.

Last June 2022, Hideo Kojima announced online that he will be teaming up with Xbox for a new project which was going to be cloud-based. He described it as a never-before-seen concept, which hyped up the fans. After that, it was never mentioned again, until now.

Recently, a post by Kojima on his Twitter account revealed pictures of him and the Xbox Team who visited their headquarters in Tokyo.

“Our first visit to Kojima Productions with our Xbox Game Studios Publishing teams,” said Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft’s VP of Xbox games marketing who went with the team. “Bringing engineering, cloud, marketing & production teams together to kick-off an exciting journey ahead.”

Kojima did talk about this mystery new project way back in December 2022, but only briefly in an interview. He said that he asked potential partners about it but some thought he was mad. Only Xbox took on the challenge.

Since the team has now visited the Tokyo headquarters, we can only assume that the project is now underway. We can’t wait to see what Kojima is making.