Xbox Games with Gold July 2023 Lineup Includes One Horror Game

Both are total opposites in genre.

Microsoft has recently revealed the new Xbox Games with Gold July 2023 lineup which includes two games.

Xbox Games with Gold July 2023 Includes Two Different Games

Xbox Games with Gold subscribers and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will be able to enjoy two completely different titles this coming July 2023 with Games with Gold. Darkwood and When the Past was Around will be playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Xbox Live Gold members will have exclusive access to these games for a limited time only as part of the Games with Gold service. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will also get these games together with the benefits of access to hundreds of high-quality games with Xbox Game Pass.


Roam by day, survive the night. Darkwood is a different type of survival horror game that builds tension through slow-burn atmosphere without relying on jump scares. While the sun is out, explore an open world of the corrupted woods to scavenge weapons and materials. Once the sun dips, you’ll need to hole up surrounded by whatever traps and barriers you can build and pray you can hide from or fight the creatures that emerge in the dark. Good luck making it through the night with your body and mind intact.

When the Past was Around

Discover the touching and bittersweet love story of Eda and Owl. Unlock the puzzles in a beautifully rendered point and click adventure with hand-drawn art and a magical score that will stick with you for days. This is a calming, meditative game that reflects on love and loss in a surreal world made up of disjointed rooms from memory and time.