Xbox Games with Gold May 2022 Predictions

Here are our predictions of possibly the free games coming to Xbox Games with Gold.

Microsoft is about to announce their next lineup of free games later this month, but here are our Xbox Games with Gold May 2022 predictions.

Unlike the PS Plus free games, Xbox Games with Gold are quite difficult to predict as they are chosen quite randomly by Microsoft. PS Plus have a pattern, which is easier to speculate, but with Xbox Games with Gold, fans will have to go with random choices on which games are possibly going to the free games library. It does have a solid framework that is followed every time: two Xbox 360 backwards compatible games, and two Xbox One titles that are usually indie. Also, Microsoft is more focused on Game Pass right now so choosing the best free games to give away is not their priority.

Xbox Games with Gold May 2022 Free Games Predictions

  • Marvel’s Avengers (Xbox One)
  • Gods Will Fall (Xbox One)
  • Portal 2 (Xbox 360)
  • Limbo (Xbox 360/Xbox One)
Marvel's Avengers

While this game is quite recent, Marvel’s Avengers is in need of more players to play since it has been dwindling for a while now. There has been new content, but it is not enough of a boost that it direly needs.

gods will fall

Gods Will Fall is a top-down action RPG with a bit of mixed reviews that came out last year. Getting into Xbox Games with Gold might be the needed thing it needs to get revived.

portal 2

Portal 2 is a classic title that everyone loved to play. While it can be dizzying at times with its fast-paced FPS, the game has great puzzle solving gameplay. Would be a good addition to the free games library.

Playdead's Limbo

Limbo is a really popular game that first came out on Xbox 360 but was ported to Xbox One at a later time. It has never been on Xbox Games with Gold, so it would be the best time to get it added.

Xbox Games with Gold Reveal Time

Microsoft has not officially revealed the Xbox Games with Gold May 2022 free games yet. The announcement schedule should be by the end of April, which should be around April 28, 2022.