Xbox Insider Members Being Offered Xbox Series X/S Reservations

Game company Microsoft has recently made a choice in making Xbox Insider members have the ability to reserve Xbox Series X/S consoles.

Xbox Series X and S

The members will be able to reserve Xbox Series X/S consoles directly from the company via the existing Xbox One consoles. This new program will be introduced tomorrow in the US and even if they are given the chance to sign up, it does not mean they can be selected right away.

Using the Xbox Insider Hub app on the Xbox One console is the only way to do the Console Purchase Pilot. They cannot use it on PC, web browser, Xbox 360 or in another Xbox Series X/S console.

This was designed for dedicated Xbox fans who already own the Xbox One and are looking for an upgrade. This is also one way to finally cut down on scalpers, which still plagues the market.

Thanks The Verge!