Xbox Faces Lawsuit After Complain Of Controllers Having Drifting Issues

Controllers sometimes have this issue called drifting, where the said controller would register movement even though it has not been touched. A complainant has recently revealed that he is filing a lawsuit against Xbox due to this particular issue.

Xbox gets lawsuit due to drifting issues

The complainant is Donald McFadden and has already filed the lawsuit against the company for such issues. He claimed that he purchased an Xbox Elite controller and after just a short while it got the drifting issue. He then bought another controller, the same type, but he still experienced the drifting issue after a short time, which was three or four months.

McFadden claimed that he was trying to fix the controller on his own like by manipulating dead zone via the Xbox settings. It still failed him a fix. He also claims that Microsoft knows about the drifting issue all along and there were a lot of online complaints already from many customers. They still failed to disclose this fact and routinely refused to repair the controllers without charge when the defect appears.

A design flaw was found on the potentiometer within the joystick component, the lawsuit claimed. This was the part where it translates the physical movements of the joystick into the movement within the game. The wiper component of that defective part would scrape the resistive material off a curved track. This would result in unwanted electrical contact without the input from the user

Microsoft has not made a response for this lawsuit yet. There was also a similar case against Nintendo just last year. It was about the drifting Switch Joy-Con controllers. Now Nintendo does not ask for fees for repairing such controllers. Maybe or maybe not Microsoft would follow their example.

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