Xbox and Oreo Collaborate to Create the Delicious Xbox Oreo Cookies

Earn awesome prizes and eat sweet cookies!

Microsoft has now jumped into the sweetness by collaborating with Oreo and creating the new Xbox Oreo Cookies.

In the past, Xbox has collaborated with various products, films, and other games, and this new Oreo venture is no different. According to the company, they know that there is more to the gaming experience than just what is onscreen and for that, they partnered up with Oreo and made an awesome cookie pile. Yum.

The Xbox Oreo Cookies have six embossed custom cookie designs: the iconic A, B, X, Y, and directional arrows on the Xbox controllers. These special edition packs will be available in 22 countries and can be scanned. Crack the cookie combinations which are inspired by cheat codes hidden in games all throughout history to unlock various prizes.

Players can get exclusive Oreo-themed in-game content like armor packs and vehicle skins for popular titles like Forza Horizon 5, Sea of Thieves, and Halo Infinite. Join the draw to win prizes including custom Oreo hardware, Xbox consoles, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate memberships, and a holiday experience for the whole family, but that will depend on regional availability.

The Oreo Xbox Special Edition cookies will be available in January 2023 at locations in participating countries.