Xbox Scarlett Rumored To Have Two Different Hardware Units

Several rumors revealed that the upcoming new series of Microsoft consoles will be called the Xbox Scarlett. It may well be its codename for now. A new detail has emerged recently and tells a more interesting information about the mysterious console.

Xbox Scarlett rumored to have two units

A certain publication recently dug up some supposed-to-be details of the next generation console of Microsoft. They stated that the gaming company is planning to release two different types of hardware. The first one will be the traditional console similar to the Xbox brand, but there are currently no specific details of its specifications.

The second device is the more intriguing version of the two: a streaming box. It is designed for Microsoft’s upcoming game-streaming platform. It is also rumored to be named as the Scarlett Cloud.

New focus for new generation

Microsoft’s new focus for the new generation of consoles is the ability to make gamers not notice the difference between playing a game using the streaming box, or the traditional version.

The source revealed that the upcoming streaming box will be too expensive in retail stores today. It will become cheaper overall than buying a dedicated console in the near future. The reason is the extra hardware inside that is supposed to ease and smooth the latencies while streaming.

Microsoft is planning to make their bulk of their revenue from subscription services in the future like what they do with their current ones: Xbox Live, etc. The rumors also say that the release date for both upcoming consoles will be two years from now: 2020.

Streaming box might be focused for the US

From the new information coming in, the streaming box might be focused more on the US and other countries with a stable internet connection. This might not fare well with other countries with poor connection to the web thus causing problems during streaming. Hopefully, the traditional version will do justice for these countries.

Source: Thurrott

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