Xbox September Update Finally Adds Discord Streaming

Discord Streaming, VRR support, and more!

Microsoft has recently announced the Xbox September Update which will add various features including Discord Streaming and more.

According to the latest post on Xbox Wire, details on the upcoming Xbox September Update have been released. There is no release date for the update, but Microsoft did say that it will be coming soon. The post does share new information about the contents of the upcoming update which introduces Discord Streaming, the highlight feature from the other upcoming improvements and changes.

The upcoming update will add Discord Streaming which allows social gamers to stream gameplay straight from the Xbox to Discord friends. No more need to wait on Discord on the PC or Desktop to respond to the players’ account synching on the console and PC before they could stream them to their friends. They can just directly do it on Xbox consoles by just hitting the Stream Your Game button.

The update also allows players to request to join their friends on Xbox with that friend also able to send a party invite, game invite, or message in response.

The September update introduces Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), which allows players’ TVs or monitors to adjust its refresh rate based on the content being viewed. This gives a better and smoother experience while gaming. Adjust VRR in the TV & Display Options menu.

A new My Rewards tab has been added to the pop-up menu when pressing the Xbox button. Players will be able to go to the Redeem Rewards page quickly from there.