Xbox Series Mid-Gen Refresh Consoles Planned Next Year Launch

The biggest leak reveals tons of new information including these new consoles.

The latest Microsoft huge leak revealed the Xbox Series Mid-Gen Refresh Consoles that are planned to launch next year.

According to the newly leaked documents from the Microsoft vs. FTC trial (via The Verge), the Xbox Series X and Series S will be given mid-gen refresh upgrades and are planned for release in August and October 2024 respectively.

“Brooklin” Xbox Series X – The All Digital

The first upgrade is called the “Brooklin” for the Xbox Series X refresh. It is described as “the most powerful Xbox ever, now adorably (?) all digital”. It will deliver 4K Gen9 console gaming with more internal storage, faster Wi-Fi, reduced power, a more immersive controller, and a new redesign that will elevate the all-digital experience. Instead of the rectangular cube design, it is now more of a cylinder.

Brooklin will have 2TB internal storage, a USB-C front port with power delivery, and new immersive controller at the same price of $499.

Ellewood the White Xbox Series S with 2 TB Storage

“Ellewood” is the name for the Xbox Series S refresh. While there is already the new 2TB version of the first Xbox Series S in black color, this new upgrade will still be white. It has 2TB storage, faster Wi-Fi, reduced power, and a more immersive controller for only $299.

Xbox Series Controller 2?

This new immersive controller that will be available for the console refresh has haptic feedback and more features that the original Xbox Series controller did not have. It seems it will borrow features from its rival controller, the DualSense, but with the addition of Microsoft’s own unique features.

This is a big reveal for fans of Xbox since they will now have to wait for these two new upgrades, especially those who want an all-digital version of the Series X. The question is, why does it still have the same price as the one with a disc drive? Makes one wonder.