New Xbox Controllers Revealed in Huge Microsoft Leak

Has haptics, new accelerometer, and more!

The recent huge Microsoft leak has revealed new information including the new Xbox controllers.

Leaked documents (via The Verge) that were released recently as part of the Microsoft vs. FTC trial revealed new details of the next generation of gaming at Microsoft. One of those revealed was the new Xbox controller.

According to the documents, this is codenamed Sebile and will have features that are similar to those of its rival, the DualSense controller. It is described as the “all-new, more immersive controller.”

The Sebile will have VCA haptics, which is present in the DualSense controllers. It does have a difference: it will double as speakers for the controller. It also has precision haptic feedback just like the DualSense controllers. The similarity ends there and now this is where the other different features begin.

The new controller has the Accelerometer, and quieter buttons and thumbsticks for immersion. It can be played anywhere with features like Xbox Wireless 2, Direct-to-Cloud, and Bluetooth 5.2, better connectivity for the controller.

Just like its predecessor, it can seamlessly pair and switch with devices. For sustainability, it has a rechargeable and swappable battery, recycled materials and less resin, repair and disassembly for easy changes.

Since gamers are quite terrified of the ghost drift, this controller will now have new modular thumbsticks, and improved longevity.

Lastly, it has this cool feature “Lift to Wake” which will let the controller sleep when it is put down for a long time, but when it is lifted, it instantly “wakes up.”

Expect special and limited edition control variations for this new controller. It will also be added to the Xbox Design Lab service that allows gamers to customize their controllers.

According to the launch timelines chart, Sebile is planned to launch sometime in May 2024 for $69.99. It will be included in the new Xbox Series X/S consoles too.