Microsoft Confident that Xbox Series S 8gb Available Memory Capable of Running Next-Gen Games

When the specifications of both Xbox Series X/S were revealed to the world, some were concerned with the Series S with its lesser specifications. One of those was the available memory it can offer, which is 8gb. Some have asked on how will the next-gen Xbox console run those next-gen games.

Xbox System Architect Andrew Goosen revealed that the team is confident that it can do just that flawlessly. He explained:

The biggest consumers for memory are really the render targets and the texture budget and both of those shrink significantly with targeting the lower resolution – so 1440p is 44 per cent of the size of 2160p and so right there, all your render targets get less. And with g-buffers and all that, that is a lot of memory right there in terms of memory consumption. And there, the texture budgets are very significant as well, so we feel good about the 8GB that we make available.

In short, since the resolution is played lower on the Xbox Series S, the games will only use lesser render targets. This meant it 8gb available memory will be fine in running those next-gen titles. Only that the visuals will be noticeably have lower resolution than what can be seen on Xbox Series X. It is more capable with that just that small amount of memory available.

Xbox Series X/S is now available worldwide.

Interview source: Eurogamer