Xbox Series S SSD Usable Storage Reportedly Only Small Portion

Apparently, the Xbox Series S came early in Canada via a source and user reveals the portion of its SSD that can be used.

According to the Redditor, the upcoming next-gen Xbox console system came to them earlier than expected via a source that they did not want to mention. He shared some information about how much available space can be used for Games and Apps.

The user was asked during an AMA on Reddit and the common inquiry was of the storage space. He claimed that the Xbox Series S only allows 364gb for games and apps. He noted that the other part was used by the console’s OS, which seems to take a lot of space.

Microsoft is offering an expansion drive that could extend the storage of the console, which costs almost the same price as the Xbox Series S, $219.99. It can also be used on the Xbox Series X. The consoles will officially be available on November 10.

Source: Reddit