Xbox Series S Confirmed to Have Shorter Load Times Compared to Xbox Series X

Microsoft Xbox Head Phil Spencer recently talked with media outlet Kotaku about the Xbox Series X/S sharing some very interesting details about the two next-gen consoles.

Another detail kind of stood out aside from the Bethesda deal. This one talked about one of the differences between the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X. According to Spencer, the Series S can actually load some games faster than the Series X.

Spencer revealed that the reason behind it is simple: Series S works with low-resolution assets compared to the Series X. With low-resolutions assets meant the file sizes should be smaller, which meant it would be easier and faster to load those than with games that had super high-resolution assets.

The Xbox head did not specific which games were he talking about, but that confirms there are titles that can do that. He also said that the Series S actually surprised him in terms of performance.

Xbox Series X/S launches on November 10.

Source: Kotaku via DualShockers