Xbox Series S/X Demand is Record-Breaking; Expect More Stocks on Launch

Even though it seemed the PlayStation 5 had the upper hand in the demand recently, it was evident that the demand for the Xbox Series S/X was also high.

According to the official Twitter account of Xbox, the team was humbled due to the record-breaking demand for the two next-gen Xbox console systems. They thanked everyone for the excitement. Across most online retailers, pre-orders were already sold out in just minutes after they were put up.

There is good news in the end since game company Microsoft has promised the fans. They stated that there will be more stocks coming on launch and maybe more in the coming days so interested customers can get them later.

Recently, some consumers have mistakenly pre-ordered the current-gen consoles Xbox One X/S instead of the next-gen Xbox console systems.

Xbox Series S/X will be available worldwide on Nov. 10.