Several Customers Get Xbox One Instead of Xbox Series S/X Pre-order

Several customers who wanted to pre-order the next-gen console Xbox Series S/X have noticed that they actually got a different console version instead.

According to some posts on Twitter, some customers have luckily pre-ordered the next-gen console. It was a disaster recently since the console system got sold out right away. Some thought they were lucky, only to find out they have been pre-ordering the current-gen console: Xbox One S/X.

In a Twitter post by @AndrewAlerts, he revealed that the Xbox One X sales have gone up to 747 percent on Amazon. Other Twitter users shared their mistake of accidentally pre-ordering the Xbox One X. Some blamed it for their drowsiness, others due to over hype.

Gaming publication Polygon also reported that when they searched on the popular online retail store Amazon of Xbox Series X, it would result in Xbox One X instead. This could have been reason why some did not bother to check on the description and just selected order. Some might have mistaken the color of the boxes since they look the same.

Luckily (Unluckily?) pre-orders here in the Philippines are still not happening right now due low stocks for both the Xbox Series S/X and the PlayStation 5. Some suspect the pre-orders from local retail stores will start by the end of the year. One of our own Sirus Gaming staff member fears it could come sometime maybe in March 2021.