Xbox Series S/X Reportedly Becoming Region Free

According to a recent report, it was revealed that upcoming next-gen consoles Xbox Series S/X will now be region free.

Xbox Series X and S

A report coming from Meristation revealed that the upcoming next-gen Xbox console will not need to be restricted to certain regions anymore. Compared to its predecessors, the Series X and S will not be limited to regions anymore. They can freely play discs from other territories from around the world with ease.

Xbox One did have that support recently, but at first it was not implemented right away. This time around it will be from day one, so that would be another big advantage compared to its competitors out there. The report also states that previous generation discs like the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Xbox discs will be playable as well and no region restrictions too. It does not state, however, that the blu-ray movie discs will not be limited.

Again, this is still good news. Now if only Microsoft will officially confirm this in a public announcement, it would be a big win for them.