Xbox Series S/X Can Run External USB Hard Drives with Legacy Games

Xbox Series X and S

With the Xbox Series S/X announced, gamers around the world are curious of its capabilities and would it be compatible with certain accessories that the previous generation have. One of those important features is the support of external USB hard drives.

Some believed that it would be impossible for the old external USB HDDs to work on the next-gen consoles since it runs on different speeds.

Microsoft Partner Director of Program Management for Xbox Jason Ronald has some good news for the fans in regards to that.

According to Ronald, The Xbox Series S/X consoles have their own expansion cards since they need to run the same speeds as the internal SSD inside them thanks to the Xbox Velocity Architecture. Since the next-gen games need to load fast, both drives need to have the same loading speed. That is for the next-gen titles.

The good news is that for legacy games from Xbox One to the old titles, they are not required to have those loading speeds. They can be installed in the internal SSDs and expansion cards, but players can just use their external USB hard drives that have those games installed there and plug it on the Xbox Series S/X.

So there is no need to buy an expansion card just for your legacy games. Just plug in the external USB hard drive that you used on your Xbox One and you are ready to play your old games there.

Xbox Series S/X will launch on Nov. 10. Pre-orders will start on Sept. 22.

Interview source: Mobile Syrup