Xbox Series X 1TB Storage Uses Almost 200GB for System Files

According to a certain media outlet, the upcoming next-gen console Xbox Series X uses quite a bit of space on the internal SSD for system files.

IGN recently reported their hands-on preview with details about the Xbox Series X using about 198GB of the internal SSD’s space. It uses it for the operating system and the essential system files that could run all of the hardware properly.

Microsoft did offer consumers to buy the 1TB expansion for both Xbox Series X and S. It costs quite a bit, which is almost the price of the Xbox Series S. Also the consoles will be using about 80GB of any storage that will be used for expansion for system files and OS-related files as well. So there is no escape.

IGN did offer a suggestion. Consumers should just buy a cheaper USB 3.1 external hard drive to store the next-gen games they are not playing. When they feel like it, they can then transfer those files to the Xbox Series X/S and transfer the other game files that are needed. There is also no need to worry of the transfer speed since the NVME SSD and USB 3.1 drives are quite quick.

To prove that point, Venturebeat revealed that transferring the Assassin’s Creed: Origins game from external USB 3.0 only took eight minutes to finish. It also said that the external hard drives are not actually fast enough to play the next-gen games. Players will need to transfer them to the internal storage in order to properly play it.

Xbox Series S/X will launch on Nov. 10.

Thanks VG247!