Xbox Series X 4K Dashboard, Xbox Night Mode and Quick Settings Added with October Update

Finally, a glorious 4K dashboard!

Microsoft has released the Xbox October update for the Xbox Series X adding the 4K Dashboard, Xbox Night Mode, and more.

According to Team Xbox, this month’s update has finally delivered new features that will improve the experience for Xbox Series X owners. New features are now available for them to try out and here are some of them.

Xbox Series X 4K Dashboard Now a Reality

Before this update, the Xbox Series X only had its dashboard in 1080p upscaled to 4K. The other features were like this too like the Guide, and other menus. In order for their consumers to appreciate 4K gameplay even when navigating the dashboard, the new October update has given them that experience.

After testing it first by increasing the resolution, the team is happy to announce that everyone can now enjoy the 4K Dashboard natively rendered. They can experience it while browsing Home, My Games and Apps, Guide, and the other menus. The UI elements on the screen have increased sharpness and improved text readability.

Xbox Night Mode

Players can now adjust the light sources of the Xbox console with the Xbox Night Mode feature. It is actually a suite of settings that will adjust the light sources that can help keep rooms dark at night and support players who are sensitive to light. Players can dim the lights and customize it from the connected display, the power button on the controller, and the light of the console.

The display also has a customizable blue light filter and will be available only for the Xbox Series X/S consoles. These customizations will not impact the system at all. Users can also make a night mode schedule that will dynamically switch between Dark and Light theme.

In order to activate this, just go to the Settings > Accessibility > Night mode or Settings > TV and display options > Night mode.

Quick Settings Added

There is now a Quick Settings menu on the Xbox Guide. It will allow players to toggle accessibility features without leaving the game or app. This is helpful for families who share a console with others who have different accessibility needs. Quick settings can be switched on or off easily.

Xbox October Update is now available for download.