Xbox Series X Console Wraps Revealed

Two other console wraps will be released later this year!

Microsoft has recently announced the new Xbox Series X Console Wraps and will launch later this year.

Xbox Series X Console Wraps Release Dates and Prices

The official Xbox Series X console wraps will be available later this year. It will come in three varieties: Starfield, Artic Camo, and Mineral Camo. The Starfield wrap will be released in the US, Canada and Europe on October 18, 2023 for $49.99 while the camo variants will be released on November 10, 2023 for $44.99.

Why Own Xbox Series X Console Wraps

Xbox Series X owners will be able to customize their consoles and show support for their favorite games. This is one of the options that is more affordable and more sustainable than purchasing a special edition or a limited edition console.

Custom Fit

According to Microsoft’s Senior Design Director Monique Chatterjee, the wraps were designed specifically for the console and in precision fit. Console performance will be preserved while this is on with the vents all clear and the small feet were added to the bottom of the wraps to ensure air can flow freely through the console.

Material Made

The Xbox Console Wraps are made with solid core panels that are layered with high-tech fabric finishes, the wraps are folded around the console and secured with a hook and loop enclosure. The interior of the wraps is printed with silicone designs that keep the wrap in place.

Cosmetic Design

The console wrap inspired by Starfield features the on-board avionics module of a ship. There are also key internal console components that are highlighted through outlined access panel and game inspired graphics.

For Xbox Series X owners, this would be the best way to customize their consoles the cheaper way rather than buying a whole new console in a special edition.