Xbox Series X Consoles Suddenly Shuts Down According to Reports

Several users have been posting on a threat recently reporting that their next-gen console Xbox Series X have suddenly shut down for some reason and it seems they are not alone.

Xbox Series X

According a thread, one poster reported that his next-gen console would shut down just seconds after it booted up a game. The user revealed he has done a full reinstall and a full reset in the hopes for a remedy, but it does not work for him. Others have also replied on the thread with similar issues and others have offered some troubleshooting tips to at least help.

Media outlet GameSpot also reports that one of their staff members experienced the same issues with their Series X console. They revealed that the console would crash anytime between the moment the game starts to about 20 minutes in. To make it worse, they need to power it up with the power button because the Xbox controller that it was paired with would not work.

Yesterday, we posted an article that revealed several Xbox Series X consoles and a few Xbox Series S consoles have been emitting clicking or whirring noises for some reason. Hopefully these issues are not on a big scale and only isolated cases.

Xbox Series X/S are now available.