Xbox Series X and Game Pass Prices Getting Increased Soon

Xbox is catching up to PlayStation.

Microsoft has officially done it: it plans to increase the Xbox Series X console prices and Xbox Game Pass subscriptions.

Xbox Series X and Game Pass Prices Increased

It has been confirmed that Microsoft has big plans to increase the price of its flagship console and popular subscription service. The price of the console will be raised in August 2023 in most countries excluding the US, Japan, Chile, Brazil, and Colombia. Game Pass prices will be increased in July 2023 in most countries excluding Norway, Chile, Denmark, Switzerland, and Saudi Arabia.

“We’ve held on our prices for consoles for many years and have adjusted the prices to reflect the competitive conditions in each market,” said Kari Perez, Microsoft’s head of gaming communications to VGC.

Official New Prices

According to The Verge, starting on August 1, 2023, the Xbox Seriex X will now cost £479.99 in the UK, €549.99 across most European markets, $649.99 in Canada and $799.99 in Australia. The Xbox Series S price will not change in any market.

Starting on July 6, 2023, the monthly price of the Xbox Game Pass for the console will increase from $9.99 to $10.99. PC Game Pass pricing will not change.

Xbox Catching Up with Sony

The move to increase prices for the console and Xbox Game Pass seems to follow Sony’s decision to increase the price of the PS5 by up to 12.5 percent in many countries. Xbox is also increasing the prices for its first-party games from $60 to $70 which started with Redfall. It seems Microsoft is trying to catch up with Sony.